Agile in a way is a beautiful myth. It is something to aspire to and move towards, but the truth is that no company is ever truly Agile, whether it’s a start-up or a FTSE 100.

Some get very close. Generally these are start up environments or tech companies in unregulated industries, but how can we help in more mature companies with governance structures in place, complex back end system dependencies or regulatory controls?

The answer of course has to be tailored to your specific company but we can certainly start a process of transformation within your company. Our goal is to identify where to start and how to get you on that journey.

Over time our coaches can help you become more and more Agile, but it is not an overnight thing, it is an iterative process of continual improvement.

The nice thing about Agile Transformation is that the results are very visible, and the more teams and companies see performance improvements the more they want to embrace Agile practice so generally it takes just a bit of an effort for the initial transformation before it catches on and people become more and more bought into it.

To find out more about how we can help you come and say hello!


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