In short.. no. Scrum is just one potential way to produce and enhance products through an Agile methodology.

There are other popular methods used such as Kanban and Extreme Programming (XP) which can be used to use an Agile framework.

The Agile Framework is set out to deliver iterative and incremental pieces of software, and there are many ways to carry this out.

In Scrum there is an appointed Scrum Master and Product Owner who help the team to run efficiently, prioritise the workload and gather the requirements for the development team. The Scrum framework is set in sprints with regular meetings and ceremonies that the team complete. It is a large cultural shift for both the developers and the company alike with well documented benefits (including less documentation and handovers of information and reduced development of unnecessary requirements).

Kanban is less structured and simpler to adopt with work that is picked up by the development team just being progressed in an itemised order of priority.

Extreme Programming is much more similar to Scrum. The teams also work in Sprints, although XP Sprints are generally longer. XP allows for a more flexible work flow, in Scrum work is not permitted to be taken in to the development team once a sprint has started. Scrum does not prescribe any engineering practices (such as testing principles), whereas XP does. In Scrum the team can decide to adopt test driven development (TDD) but it is not a necessity.  Generally teams will start with Scrum and progress towards XP over time either intentionally or unintentionally as they try to become more and more agile and create a more stable and resilient product.

To find out more about any of these methods please get in touch and one of our Agile Coaches can discuss what would be the best fit for your company’s needs.

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