Frequently we are asked the question, who does Agile really benefit? The developers or the business?

The true answer is both parties as long as it is executed in the right way.

From a development perspective the benefits are as follows:

  • Greater involvement in new projects from the outset and more of a chance to question and challenge stakeholders around ambiguous requirements
  • Control over the amount of work taken into each sprint, reducing pressure in favour or creating a better product
  • More stable and bug free code
  • A Product Owner who can feed them clear requirements and negotiate with stakeholders on their behalf
  • A Scrum Master who can remove issues blocking their development allowing them to focus on coding
  • A chance to learn new techniques and technologies

From a business perspective the benefits are:

  • More transparency around what the developers are actually working on
  • Better visibility of the product prior to a launch
  • A more stable, bug free product
  • More control over what is created and what work is prioritised
  • The ability to change your mind and react fast to changes in market conditions or consumer demand
  • A faster and cost effective route to launching a product
  • Less reliance on single developers as developers share the work load more evenly and work across different areas

So the truth is, if it’s done correctly Agile will benefit as the business as a whole, developers and stakeholders alike. To discuss this more in depth or see how this could be applied to your business then please get in touch¬†and our Agile trainers and coaches will be happy to help.

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